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About Us

Since 2008, Arena Cakes Chandigarh has been delighting customers with chocolates, cakes, cookies and other treats. Our storied cakes were first served in the café at the original TAJ Chadnigarh and from there, went on to dazzle millions of palates. 

Using only finest ingredients you can articulate like butter, flour, chocolate, and cream, the skilled craftsmen in our local cities kitchen arrange each piece independently. The desserts are cleverly layered and painted by hand with edible accompaniments like freshly roasted nuts and coconut. 

There’s no corn syrup or shortening used here. We believe in only using the purest and the best. 

We always develop our celebrated recipes right in our local vendors kitchen and refine them until they’re desserts we are proud to serve to our friends and family. 

Find out why. You’ll taste the love. 


Who is the Arena Cakes?

Our story starts with a truffle, done in the French style, made in a small Chandigarh City apartment. A simple orb of bittersweet Belgian chocolate infused with liqueur on the inside and dusted with cocoa powder on the outside. The perfect proportions took months to master and to celebrate that quest for quality, we named our company Arena Flowers. To celebrate our hometown, we later added “Chandigarh”. 

Our name celebrates that same pursuit of culinary perfection, evident in even the smallest doses.


Find us online or at our Chandigarh retail store

Arena Cakes offers an widespread line of desserts available for mail order on line all through the Continental India, and you’ll find the full selection on this site. Unlike most online bakeries, we're a bakery that ships directly to your address. We make the treats delivered with our local franchise partners. There's no middleman. There's not even another shipping facility.

We also have a storefront in Bangalore East, Indira Nagar. For our all customers, we also offer local delivery and store pick-up. 

Because everything is done in-house, there's never a run around when you have questions or requests. Just call us at +91 8929 - 226 - 955, click the “Live Chat” button on the right-hand side of the page or send a message to support @

Shipped with care from our Vendors kitchen to yours

Cakes, chocolates, savories and other treats are prepared daily in our vendors kitchen, hand packed, temperature-controlled and then sent straight to you. Serving and storage directions are included so there's no guesswork as to how to present your baked goods at their very best.

For precise shipping details about your most required products, check the product page, our shipping page or get in touch. 

Nothing pleases a crowd quite like baked goods. Whether you’re looking to overwhelm a loved one or a business associate, or just want to give yourself a well-deserved delicacy, all our products will bring a smile. We also offer a wide selection of gift baskets for when you can’t, or just don’t want to, choose one item. 

Find out about our latest creations and get exclusive offers. Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter.  (We like a tidy inbox, too. We promise not to share your information or spam you.) 

We look forward to delighting you, your friends and family.