A cake can be of different design, flavor and size. While deciding the design and size of the cake one should know the amount of people attending and the theme of the event. A cake can also have tiers. A five tier cake may sound scary for some people, but with a lot of creativity and precise tools it can be a reality. A cake can be made of any shape possible.


  • Butter cake – butter cakes are called so because they melt like butter in the mouth and are most commonly made of butter or oil, sugar, egg and flour. The leavening agent used in it nowadays is baking powder or baking soda with proper mixing techniques to give the light textured cake.  Yellow cake, fruit cake, coffee cake and pound cake are basic types of butter cakes.
  • Foam cakes ­Foam cakes are cakes with very less or totally no fatty materials like butter or oil making them lighter than butter cakes. Foam cakes are leavened by the air that is beaten into the egg. No chemicals like baking soda or baking powder is used. Foam cake has a light and spongy texture because in baking and mixing process more eggs are used than the flour. Angel food, chiffon, meringue, Genoese and sponge cakes are common examples of foam cakes.


Cake decoration is a Decorating the cake usually involves covering it with some form of icing and then using sugar, chocolate, candy or icing decorations to make the cake fancy. It can also be decorated simply by sprinkling a fine coat of icing sugar or drizzling a glossy blanket of glaze on the top of cake. Cakes can also be decorated using fruits and dry fruits.  One can also use edible decorations on cake with cream and icing to make it attractive.  The cake decoration and design can be based on ones favorite TV show or movie.


Flavor of the cake is also very important. If it is looking good, does not signify that it will taste good too. So, the taste of the cake depends upon the ingredients used.  There are different cake and filling flavors available. Some of the most common flavors are

  • Cake flavors – Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, butterscotch, coconut, candy floss, black current,  liquorice, pineapple, hazelnut, dark chocolate, lemon, red velvet and many more
  • Fillings – buttercream, chocolate buttercream, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry,  cream cheese, apple, etc.
  • Icings – butter cream, cream cheese, fudge, etc.

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