Choosing The Right Anniversary Cake, Consider Some Significant Factors

cake surpriseAnniversary is the day for celebration as it brings the moments that has spent together. The moments of happiness, sorrows ups and downs of the life. Anniversary is the occasion where most of the couple recalls their past memories. If you are planning for the anniversary celebration, then cake is the most important part of the celebration. Selecting is the right anniversary cake is little difficult due to less constraints. It can be of any color, flavor or shape means regular or layered or a sheet cake.

While choosing an anniversary cake, you will look for perfect texture and flavor; it will be the center of attention in the celebration. Everyone present the party will look the cake once for seeing the type and shape of the cake, before having the taste. Like for any occasion, planning is required here also. If you are looking for the cake according to your choice, then it is plan and makes the order early so that the bakers can take their time for creating your special required anniversary cake.

Flavor, Fillings and Icings

When you think of a cake, the first thing that you will think is the flavor, cake flavor and icing flavor. Many varieties are there in choosing the flavor for a cake like traditional vanilla with a royal icing if you are thinking of a traditional way of celebrating the anniversary. Other options are chocolate, pineapple, strawberry, banana or layered fruit cake with some filling in between the layers.

If the couples like some special flavor, then they can go with choosing cakes stylishthe same cake. It will be unfortunate to see a cake that the couple does not like. If you are going with layer cake, then choose the flavor of the fillings. The filling of the layered cake is the crème that holds the different cake together. The flavor of the cake and the filling must blend together and on the top the icing will be complimentary if same flavor is used.

Icing can be a simple cream icing, cheese icing or whipped cream icing. The baker can give a good recommendation on the flavor of icing. Flavor can also be added in the icing. The bakers can offer you many cakes with different flavors, icing and fillings in a single anniversary cake.

The biggest advantage by choosing an anniversary cake is you can take one or two cakes with different flavor and icing. Another option is having a layered cake with each tier different flavor cake and icing.

Shape and Size

Cakes can be in any shape or size, the choice is completely yours. heart shapeTraditional wedding or anniversary cake is a layered cake with white icing. According to the number of guests, you can decide the size of the cake. The bakers can give the information on this, how many people can have a traditional single or layered cake. They are the experts to decide how much cake can feed a certain number of guests. After having a discussion with baker, you can decide the shape and size you want in an anniversary cake.

Theme or Decoration

If the anniversary party is organized based on a theme, then consider the same theme for the cake also. It will compliment the flavor and design of the cake. From traditional to unique design cakes are coming in the market. You can choose with flowers, ribbons or pictures or something personal that want, can tell your bakers to make them. Experienced and professional bakers can bring your dream cake into reality. You will find many designs on the internet also, so take a perfect design that suit your needs and place it before your baker.

Baker or bakery

The most important decision above all is, choosing the right baker that can create your ideal cake. Have a proper search of the one, ask your friends, family, relatives and do a search on the internet also. See the pictures of the cake they have already made. Give your suggestions on the style, design, flavor and size of the cake you want and after a discussion, mutually decide the one with a price quote. Like that have some price quotes with the top bakers. Compare the bakers according to the design, flavor and size to be delivered in less cost or affordable cost. Once the baker is finalized, then make sure that whatever instructions are given in regarding with the flavor, decoration, design and size is given is actually matching or not.

Give the correct address, date and time, for delivering the cake to the bakers.

So those who are going to celebrate their wedding anniversary and are finding some problem with choosing the right anniversary cake, then read the above said for getting a simple idea on how to choose the cake that can add more fun to your celebration.

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