Novel Approaches in Cake Decoration In India

fashion cakeApart from the traditional ways of cake making, nowadays different ideas of designing cakes are also popular in the urban markets. Multilayered cakes with various creams, butter and chocolate slices are now popular among people with taste of delicacy. Sharing cakes with the neighborhood and others was a practice that started in the medieval times as per historical revelations.

Soon this practice grew larger and people started celebrations catalyzed by cakes and flowers on every auspicious ceremonies. Birthdays and wedding are the biggest events that are celebrated by sharing cakes and sweets with everyone present as guests and delegates. However, with time, mentalities of people change and extravagant celebrations replaced small ways of observing ceremonies. Cakes became larger than ever and more designed. Nowadays there are numerous designers who offer customized cakes and desserts to make the perfect start of the new life after celebrating birthdays or wedding.cake decoration

Decorative Ideas:

Though not all extravagant events make the perfect blend of taste and delicacy, there are ways of making the most beautiful and eye catching cakes with luscious deliciousness. Icing the cake is a good idea of late. Frozen cakes along with the buttercreams and other ingredients make the perfect look and just ready offer to the delegates. Icing the cake also help one to have the smoother surface on the cake. One needs to keep in mind that the frosting shouldn’t be too thick as that can deform the shape of the cake when defrosted. Thus frosting and icing the cake needs to be mastered with re practice. For tastier look, placing nuts and fruits like strawberries, peaches, almonds, olives and cherries not only makes the cake more healthy and delicious but also attracts everyone’s eyes. Textures to the frosting can be added using decorating comb or triangle. The rest beautification is done using the cream rolls.cake-tools

Wedding cake Decoration:

However, there are various ideas for making the perfect start of the wedding cakes. Some of which are making of Jewel toned flower wedding cake, Royal icing wedding cake, Forever love red roses wedding cake, floral 4 tier wedding cake etc. In case of the Jewel toned wedding cake, the main ideation is the sparkle of the precious jewels. These are basically round three tiered cakes decorated with pearl like accessories and a sugar made clustered flower jewel is topped on the cake. This is one of the most favorite choices of the couples during the wedding. Iced cakes along with floral shapes and designs are also popular as wedding cake decor

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