Tips for choosing a modern wedding cakepink_gold_cake_11

Wedding cake is an integral part for celebrating the wedding. Earlier people use to just select multi-tiered white cakes for wedding this is same almost for every wedding. However, confectioners are putting all their creative skills to design the cake in a unique and appealing manner. Generally there are limitations on flavors, whether it is batter, frosting, or cake

  • Most widely used batters are chocolates, lemon and golden. People choose pound cake, carrot cake, red velvet, cheesecake, etc. for their auspicious and memorable moment.
  • Filling chosen extensively for wedding cakes are raspberry, lemon, while chocolate or other liqueur-based flavors such as Amaretto or Frangelico to give lip smacking taste. You can choose a different flavor for each tier of multi-tiered cake
  • Confectioners charge based on per slice basis, so tell them the number of guests going to attend the party. They will prepare the cake as per the said details without costing you more with less wastagepink_gold_cake_6
  • If your favorite cake is crossing your budget, then take small version of the cake and cut it and serve the guests with sheet cakes that are with similar design. Now-a-days modern cakes are designed in such a way that only bottom part will have cake and the rest of the part will be made of cardboard. This saves money but gives a great look
  • Earlier wedding cakes were designed in bridal fashion such as large ballroom gowns with yards of taffeta, but they have been reduced drastically and people now are choosing the cake that is designed with fresh flowers and fruits

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