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Wedding cakes - Tips to choose the best Sweet for your Special Occasion

Wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life. It is no surprise why this day is celebrated with eagerly anticipated celebrations and in a way full of merriment. Every relative and friends are invited to come together and enjoy the wedding day and share blessings to the new couple for their happy and prosperous married life. Wedding cakes and the other good wishing gifts, chocolates and candies are the symbol of good hopes. The celebration place is decorated with flowers, bouquets, ribbons and balloons so as to make the perfect decorum of sanctity and enjoyment. The couples come in the appropriate attires which bear the mark of good hopes and prosperity. Each one carries beautiful flower bouquets made of roses, lilies and carnations and also distributes chocolates to the invited delegates.

However, the wedding cake bears a remarkable significance and has a tradition in various nations and cultures. Among Christians, cakes are shared among the people as a mode of good hopes and exchanging sweet relationships.

Origin of Wedding Cakes:

Like the Christmas cakes being shared among people so as to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, cakes sharing have been an auspicious part of life in every celebration which signifies bigger leaps in life. From this point of view, wedding cakes are used as a symbol of togetherness, celebration and prosperity. Of every wedding ceremony, the most important part is the wedding cuisine. The cuisines are decided with the most adored and loving way. So is the wedding cake. The cake is made with the most delicate creams and is designed in a way to appease the eyes of the delegates. In the past, such cakes came at an expensive cost. But with time as the demand increased, these cakes became cheaper and now every couple enjoy the first day of their wedding by cutting a beautiful cake especially made for the happy days in their married life. As time passed, the wedding cake designing and beliefs around it got many adaptations. Many believe that the first cake or to be precise the modern wedding cakes came from the hands of a French pastry chef. Witnessing an English wedding in medieval times, he decided to make cakes for the couples. The wedding basically contained sweet rolls piled high and the couples enjoying the start of their new life by cutting the sweet rolls together.From that simpler looking sweet cutting, the modern cakes have evolved and people from around the world enjoy cutting cakes and sharing among the delegates with loving experiences.