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Different types of cake designs

It is the most delicious baked dessert that is usually served at the end of the meal. Various cake decorating techniques are adopted by the bakers. Few people just serve the cake by topping it with sugar where as few people use some innovative skills and mould the cake in a unique way by taking some theme. Selecting the designer cakes make the host head high in front of their guests by expressing their personality. These cakes not only look appealing and attractive but also give lip smacking taste. The different types of cake designs include

Plain cakes: The cakes are designed in circular form and are available in 8 inch high. These are designed in an elegant and awesome way in various flavors. The plain cake is prepared in either of the flavors i.e. vanilla or chocolate. However, you can even include two or more flavors in this type of cake by topping it with jelly or dark chocolate in the center. These types of cakes can be gifted for any occasion such as birthdays, anniversaries, house warming parties, etc. It is the best sweetened desert that is luscious to eat.

Sugar-Topped Cakes: This cake is very different in taste and design compared to plain cake. This is also prepared in round shape by the baker and is sprinkled with powdered sugar on the top. The sugar has to spread on the entire cake, so they have to scatter it equally on the top. Examples of sugar topped cakes include carrot cakes, lemon poppy seed cakes, etc. This is considered as the perfect and succulent way to convey happy birthday wishes.

Iced cakes: This is the most delicious designer cake that is preferred by many people because of its rich taste. This is the perfect dessert during summer season, since it is topped with icing or buttercream. This cake stand out of the party and the taste will be on the lips of the guest forever. All sides of the cake are covered with icing without need of any additional decoration. This icing stuff is made using milk, sugar and vanilla. This is perfect for all occasions.

Fondant-Covered Cakes:  Fondant is the material prepared using sugar, glucose and water. This is very versatile to convert into any color of your priority. These types of icing is best suited for sculpting decorations such as figures of people on the cake, or shaping the cake in the manner the customer wants. Fondant is often used by professional confectioner to give soft and smooth texture to the cake besides adding eye-catching effects for the auspicious occasions. This fondant is difficult to prepare at homes. The fondant covered cakes are perfect gifts for special occasions such as weddings, engagements, and baby showers